Luminous builds exceptional digital platforms for the communications and educational industries using elegant designs, engaging interfaces and foundational technologies

Explore overviews of Luminous product offerings below

Luminous Connect

Luminous Connect is a dynamic suite of applications that elevates and enhances communications and advocacy efforts on all digital and social platforms.  Built for corporate communications, advocacy, member outreach and internal and external communications of all kinds, Connect evolves the institutional communications paradigm, offering powerful tools that influence public perception, engage the media, shape employee attitudes and motivate actions.  Adaptable, focused and integrated across web, mobile, tablet and social channels, this powerful suite of tools includes:

  • Native iOS and Android Applications
  • Associated responsive websites
  • Integrated dashboard driving all communications to appropriate channels
  • Direct communications tools like email, text, video, media aggregation, newsletters
  • Proprietary targeted sharing technology
  • Member and community building functions

Lumi Kids

LumiKids is a dynamic publication for digital natives.  LumiKids encourages exploration of a rich, multi-dimensional canvas populated with current topics of interest to 8-12 
year olds.

Project Kid

Project Kid is an imaginative, interactive, fun project management game that helps parents and children to sync up, negotiate and keep track of everything from chores to longer term skills and values that the child needs to master.

Luminous Enrichment Platform

Luminous Enrichment Platform is an extensive learning-focused Enrichment Platform designed to deliver a collection of curated, rich media experiences for students K-12.  Dynamic content, stored in the Cloud, is tagged and categorized by subject, reading level, age appropriateness and curriculum relevance.  The platform seamlessly integrates communities of students, parents and teachers.