Henry Steingieser

Design Director

What he is known for:

  • Helping develop early DVD menu design and UI experience working at B1 Media, CBO, Creative Domain and Drissi Multimedia.
  • Co-founding award-winning Backward Heroes Inc. in 2003 – specializing in interactive design & marketing for the Music and Entertainment Industries
  • Worked closely with major record labels to develop interactive Music Samplers as a streamlined solution to promote new and established artists
  • Designing top level artist sites for Indies and majors alike, from Morrisey to G-Unit
  • Working with Capitol Records and Yoko Ono to develop the first ever official John Lennon website
  • Collaborating with studios like New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and Focus Features on integrated online marketing campaigns garnering FWA, Webby, Marcom and DMAC honors and awards

What he is passionate about:

    Jessica, Buster & Calloway (the Fam), Roadtrips, Craft, Art, Home Improvement, Gardening, Industrial Design, Nature, Creatures big and small, Stars, The Pacific Ocean, California, Creative and practical thinking, Reading, Sleeping, Food, Experience, Dialogue.

His favorite quote of the moment:

    “Isthmus be my lucky day” ~ The Little Rascals

Some worthwhile notes:

  • He received his bachelor’s in fine art from Otis College of Art and Design
  • Has rewired/refurbished most of the lighting fixtures in his house
  • He likes to catch bugs with his kids